#2 of the "Four Keys to Well-Being"

In this weeks class about "well-being" I had an eye-opening moment. The instructor introduced the four keys to well-being:
  1. Attention
  2. Outlook
  3. Resilience
  4. Generosity

Attention is about staying focused on the task at hand. Outlook is about seeing the positive sides in other people. Resilience is about how quickly we recover from hardship. Generosity is about giving to others (not only money, but also time, help and conversation).

I would say out of the four, "Generosity" and "Outlook" are the hardest for me. As we should not set too many Goals at once, I decided to set a goal for me to work more on "Outlook". Here is a little bit more information:

Outlook is the "ability to see positive in others, the ability to savor positive experiences, the ability to see another human being as the human being who has innate basic goodness". This is definitely a hard one for me. I don't have a hard time to get in touch with other people and do small-talk with them - especially in Engilsh. I find it harder in German, my mother tongue. When I reach the point of making friends and keeping in touch with people I initially liked, I usually become more sceptical. I do not trust many people because I was disappointed many times when making friends and then losing them for no reason.

For me, seeing this "innate basic goodness" means "to trust". This certainly is a challenge for me. And I decided to work on it. I will be more open to people, make more effort to stay in touch with the good kind and be more acceptant of their flaws once I know them better.

I took my first steps in this challenge yesterday and I felt good about it. Thank you so much for the YogaMOOC team to give us such valuable input for our everyday lives.


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