#YogaMOOC - What did I learn?

In the last couple of weeks I learned many new things in the YogaMOOC on edx.org.


I learned a new way to approach chair pose, which has always been rather hard for me. I tend to lean forward to much with my upper body, so now I am trying to stretch/lean more up and not forward.

I love the sun salutation and the repetitions. The more you repeat the sequence, the easier it will get. My goal is to incorporate the right breathing more into sun salutation.


Well-Being has been a concept in my world, but it was good to hear what this well-being actually incorporates. It was a reminder for me to focus more on what I love, get in more physical and mental exercise and connect with people who have a positive impact on me.


So far I have not had much to do with anatomy except for when I was in school. During the summer in the yoga TTC I learned so many interesting things about the human body and how it works, the YogaMOOC was a great addition to that. It is safe to say that I now know more about my body than before. My goal is to read the anatomy book that I have at home and dive more into that topic. I am still getting used to all the English vocabulary... So I might get an anatomy book in my mother tongue German to make things easier.

Teaching yoga

In December I will teach some more yoga classes in my home town. If my students want to know more about anatomy, I will tell them. And I will try my hardest to protect their bodies from any injuries while doing yoga. This is a yoga teacher's number one responsibility. Through teaching yoga I will be able to connect to old friends and the community in my home town.


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