Week 1 - Assignment ... How am I feeling?

From Wednesday through Friday this past week I was asked to do a mini self-check-in three times a day for the YogaMOOC I am taking on edX.

  • How am I feeling?
  • Is my posture good?
  • Am I hurting?
  • How is my body feeling?
  • What kinds of thoughts am I having?

I have to admit that this exercise turned out rather eye-opening. I am going through a rather tough time at work, plus I am living far away from my home in Austria which makes things even harder. But I figured that sometimes I am too hard on myself and especially on others.

My goal for the next days is to keep an open mind and not worry too much about the small things. What I am going through right now will be over eventually. If it lasts too long I still have the power to change something.

My happiness is in my hands.

I will repeat the mini self-check-in again next week and see how my mindfulness and positivity turned out!


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