Assignment Week 4

This week involved a lot of thinking about myself. I am currently at a point of my life where I have to make some decisions. Decisions about my future.

Even though my job is not very stressful at the moment, there are some things that stress me currently. One of them is the pressure I feel that I have to make the "right" decisions "now" otherwise it could be too late. Deep inside I know that's not true but still. It's something I think about a lot.

I started a journal in which I answer a lot of different questions:
  • What am I good at?
  • What am I bad in?
  • What gives me strength and power?
  • What sucks the energy out of me?
  • Who are my good friends?
  • Who is not a good influence for me?
  • What is my goal in life?

I combined the journal work with our off-the-mat assignments and did some deep thinking about life. I have not come to a conclusion and I could not answer all of the questions above. But I do feel like thinking about me and my life is really useful at this point right now.

What is more, I practiced yoga regularly this week. I am really proud of myself that I could find enough time to practice. The positive effect of yoga on my body and mind is clear, so now I have to keep up the motivation.


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