Reflecting on my goal - Week 3

How can this be so complicated? To just stick to one single goal that I set myself?

This past week was not good for me. Something very valuable was stolen out of my hotel room. I have been living in the room for 5 months now and nothing ever happened. But on Monday it was gone. I spent most of the week trying to find it. but I was not successful. I also came to the conclusion that I will soon quit my job as it makes me very unhappy.

But when it comes to yoga, I have not been as successful as I wanted to be. BUT: I did manage to include some active breathing exercises before going to bed. So I think that this was some kind of success. Now that things are hopefully calming down more here in China, I will make more time for yoga practice.

Yesterday I went for a run because I needed to get out there and "run for my life". It felt really good. And it made me realize how much I miss yoga. So today I will practice yoga again and take it really slow. Just like we did in the short class this week. Slow practices are great for coming "back to life" again after a troubling time. So let's go for it.

Thus my goal has not changed: I still want to come back to a regular yoga practice.
Twice a week, 30 minutes of asana practice at least.
In addition, I want to include pranayama practice twice a week.


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