Technology and I

My phones go everywhere with me. Yes, my phones - plural. I have an Austrian private phone, an Austrian company phone and a Chinese phone.

I feel like I am very good about using my phone when I am around people. I enjoy the time talking to friends and I am lucky to have friends here in China who are not on their phones all the time either.

In the last two weeks I was on my phone a lot more than usual because I had visitors here in China. We spent the weekends traveling so I was the one guiding everyone with my Chinese phone.

Plus I started to play a very addictive game called "Homescapes". Apparently I go through phases: one month I read 6 books, another month I was a TV show and yet another month I get carried away by some weird phone game.

My goal for the next week is the following:

I will turn all my electronic devices off 1 hour before going to bed.

During this time I will either read or practice yoga. My aim is to get back to regular yoga practice now that my visitors have left China again. The time with them was great and flew by - at the same time I did not have much time to sit with myself and take time to practice. I am going through a rather tough phase right now so taking some time "offline" will help me - I hope.


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