The Science of Yoga

This week in the YogaMOOC, we learned about the science behind yoga.

It is really interesting to read about the effects yoga can have on the body and mind. Even though it is not scientifically proven, what effect yoga really has, there have been studies that showed:
  • Yoga is good for the heart and can lower blood pressure for example
  • Yoga can help with pains like lower back pain
  • Yoga helps with fatigue and improves Balance and mobility

When it Comes to mental health, positive effects of yoga have also been reported. Yoga helps against stress, anxiety and depression.

I know that not everybody will feel the same effects of yoga on the body and mind. I also told the students that I taught in October, that not everyone will feel comfortable doing some things, but never try - never know. It is important to keep an open mind and maybe eventually you will experience the positive effect of yoga on your physical and mental health yourself.


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