Week 5 - My goal

I can't believe it's week 5 already. Where has time gone?

There is one really good thing about this: Week 5 of the YogaMOOC means, that I have successfully spent 5 out of 6 weeks in China already. The end of the course means that I will have finished my last 6 weeks' assignment in China and I am going back home to Austria!!

How am I holding up with my goal to practice yoga regularly again?

Well, this week has been a challenge. We are having visitors from headquarters here in China right now, so the evenings are packed with dinners and staying out late. To be honest, I have been so tired lately, that my number one focus was to get enough quality sleep.

HOWEVER: I practiced more yoga on the weekend. I did plan a lot of things for my last weekend in China, but what's also part of this plan was yoga. I ran around in old town Suzhou and enjoyed some great time on my mat.

Lately I have been enjoying slow yoga practices more than energetic practice. So I tend to hold poses for longer and breath deeply while holding them. It's the perfect way for me at the moment to calm down after long days at work. Having some input from the YogaMOOC helps me go further in my practice, for example with the 4-7-8 breath. Thank you for your valuable input, YogaMOOC team!!

Something that I really appreciated this week was the mindmap assignment. It was a great way to link together some of the concepts that we learned throughout the last couple of weeks. I will keep making these mindmaps because they are a great reminder of course content. Thank you #YogaMOOC team for the classes and assignments!


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