Week 6 - Reflection

  • Observation of Interpersonal Interactions
During the observation of interpersonal interactions I found that I enjoy listening to people and their stories. However, it always depends on the person. So if the person is just going on and on and on about something that is sooo stupid in his or her life, I may reach a point where I stop listening very closely. I still try to comfort the person and try to find a solution to the situation. This happened with two friends in the last week and I feel they got some good input from our conversation. I enjoy helping out friends and I look forward to helping people through yoga. Because yoga is also about interpersonal interactions, just not by words but by spending quality time together.

  • Course Goal Assessment
My course goal was to get into a more regular practice of yoga, that is 3 times 30 minutes a week. To be honest, as I took this course during the last 6 weeks of my assignment in China, I could not stick to this rule all the time. But I took small steps which add up. So all in all I can say for the most part I am happy about me and the course goal. I am glad I took the course because it helped me in some difficult situations during the last weeks.

  • End of Course Reflections from above
I posted my course reflections here. All in all I learned many things about asanas, well-being, anatomy and also about teaching yoga. I believe that the course has helped my in my personal practice and at the same time I could get some input for teaching yoga to my students. I will teach some more classes in December in my home town, which is where I can connect to old friends and the community in my home town. I am looking forward to that.


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